Track #1.

ILLUMINATE – I love this track because it a) gave me confidence to write 7 more songs to finish the EP and b) inspired the title of the EP – GENESIS.

I had just finished “Can’t Get Enough” and “Sticks and Stones” and at that moment I hadn’t yet decided what I was going to do with both songs. I had an internal battle where a  part of me wanted to keep working on songs similar to what I had been writing for a few years prior vs. a new wave of song ideas I felt like I had to make. In the end, one Sunday morning before a church service, I asked one of my lead pastors what her thoughts are regarding this. She basically encouraged me not to over think it and just go with the flow and write what I felt God was putting on my heart. Then literally that week after having that conversation I decided to stop fighting it and just give this a go. On the following day off I had, I was reading Genesis 1 and I couldn’t get over it.


For whatever reason, this fascinated me even though I’d read this chapter a million times in Sunday school. I took away two key points:

1. Whatever God speaks out comes to life.

2. God saw that the light was good.  Verse 2 describes the earth as ‘formless and empty’ with darkness covering it. But then the very first thing to be described as “good” in the bible happens – the light. 

This song is based of this idea. God speaks  = life. Light = good. Teamed up = Illuminate.

“Illuminate the night fall, shadows fade when Your light walks on. You make the world come alive” 

Regarding the production – I’d say its EDM meets Trap music plus a lil’ bit of R&B/Gospel. My roots are gospel, so that will always influence the way I produce but it was fun mixing a genre I’m used to and a genre I’m new to. It was definitely a great learning experience for me.

I also tend to visualise things in my head a lot especially when it comes to production, it helps me put things into perspective. For example, in the drop of this song, I try imagine the scenario in Genesis 1. What did it look like when God spoke the light into existence? Especially if the earth was described as “formless and empty”? Even though my imagination cannot and will never be able to see the actual outcome, I try see that in my head as best as I can. I’d advise that to anyone giving production a go! It helps a lot.

Listen to the song here:

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