Track #3.

STICKS & STONES –  I wish I had an awesome story to match up with the song but the truth is more entertaining because it was an accident I am now forever grateful for.

It all started when I was helping pull together an event titled “Anthem night” at my church. We needed a last minute intro (literally two days before the event). I gave it a go. Took the vocal take of the original demo of “Found” (a song by my church), I played around with it and came up with the vocal drop. We used it on an EDM intro that night. It went really well. But for some strange reason I couldn’t get the vocal drop out of my head. I decided to try some things with it…nothing awesome happened which was very frustrating to say the least. I slept on it for about two days then one morning I was browsing Youtube. I’m pretty sure I was watching a Mythbusters video on how Jack COULD fit on the door with Rose (Titanic), then somehow ended up watching the music video of “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry…then immediately I got the urge to write and less than 2 hours later I had finished writing “Sticks & Stones”. I still don’t remember how it happened exactly. But what I do remember is singing:

 sticks and stones may break my bones…

Over and over again for almost an hour. Then I continued with:

“Only You can make these dry bones come alive” 

Then finished the song within the next hour somehow… I immediately felt like there was something special about the song. Mostly due to the fact that it is based on Ezekiel 37 (if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend) an amazing passage of scripture…paired up with a beat drop. Who knew that could work? I certainly didn’t, trust me. Let this be living proof that anyone can give this a go. For real.

Listen to the song here:


  1. Hi I just found your blog and your stuff and like you in general!
    Youre so amazing I really needed some hip catchy Christian music to listen to and this brightened up my day
    Your music and its message is beautiful and empowering, I smiled watching genesis reactions (both parts :))
    I found you via the Good Christian music blog which posted ‘illuminate’ a few mins ago i think
    youre super cool and I really enjoy Sticks and stones, I also like the one with a rap in it (sorry im vague I only just found you like half an hour ago, Im still learning)

    Youre really helping to portray christianity in cool fresh loving light, and thats awesome!!!
    Lol Im really bad at expressing myself but basically you inspire me and youre cool and your music is amazing

    And so is your website!
    – 16 Female, UK (England) xxxxx
    thanks xxx


    1. That’s so cool to hear Faith!!! I genuinely appreciate all the support. God is so good – I’m stoked its reached the UK! That’s honestly unreal to me.
      Thanks again for the comment and love! You’re a legend.


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