Track #6.

CROWNS is my favourite song on the whole EP (currently anyway) due to its vulnerability. It came from a moment of weakness. I was holding on to words that were spoken over me. Words that were intended to tear me down – I was aware of this but for whatever reason I’d let these words linger in the back of my mind. Then one day I realised that this was starting to affect my thought process. Realising this, I ended up meeting with someone I look up to and she made me realise that even though I didn’t believe the words that were spoken over me to be true, I was holding on to them by continuously going back to them. I needed to stop focusing on these words and start focusing on God. Thus came the first line I wrote in the song:

 My eyes on You and only You, so lost in You ain’t got a clue now

From that moment the song really came to life. Inspired by different verses in the bible (key verses being Revelations 4v10, Psalms 32v7, Matthew 16v25), the main theme of the song is summed up in one question – who am I looking to, the world or God?

Which brings up my favourite line in the whole song:

“A sweet escape to Your embrace – my hiding place in times of need, I fix my eyes on Your gaze – letting go of what the world thinks of me” 

God is always there. And in the times I’ve chosen to look to Him, its almost like everything that was intended to hurt me doesn’t matter anymore…its a beautiful discovery I pray you encounter when you listen to the song.

Regarding production – I was going for a mixture of early 2000s R&B ballads mixed with modern elements (vocal sampling and 808 drums). I had initially intended it to be a worship song for a church setting, so it does have that vibe as well. Definitely one of my favourite compositions on the whole EP.

Listen to the song here:


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