#LearningOnATuesday – Natalie Meszaros

“Love the journey not the destination” – Natalie Meszaros. 

The amazing Nat (whom I’m a massive fan of), said the above quote to me two months ago. It was a throw away comment but ever since then its genuinely stuck with me. Well…like 90% of things Nat says to me to be honest. Truth is, I am guilty of falling into the trap of being so consumed by the idea of a destination that it sometimes leads me to forget about the valuable lessons you can learn when you’re still on the journey.

For instance, I have an African christian mother. Rosemary Kanda. She’s amazing. She forced me to go to every Christian event our church hosted when I was a kid. I’m talking about all night prayers (which were literally all night by the way), conferences, prayer meetings, prayer walks…you name it. Truth is as a kid it felt like a drag and I was often envious of other kids my age who were doing whatever “fun” stuff 6-8 years olds do.

But see I can’t look at where I’m at today and not think that if she hadn’t dragged me to those events, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I learnt what worship was in those environments. I learnt what it was to feel God’s presence in those environments. It was all part of God’s plan – it was all part of the journey I’m still on and learning to love.

Some would say the journey is just as important as the destination in some aspects. I agree. As Nat was saying to me – you grow in the journey. Not just in age or maturity, but skill level and knowledge in what you’re called to do.

If you don’t like the journey currently (similar to the above illustration of me as a stubborn 6 year old… and even sometimes now as an adult), I’d say give it time. You’ll soon see why you’re going through it. 

Love the journey – NOT the destination!


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