#LearningOnATuesday – KANYE WEST

“People are so scared to lose that they don’t even try…People are so scared of failure that they don’t give it a shot…Creativity is limited by so many people who could be the next innovators due to FEAR. Fear of what people think…” – Kanye West.

I’m a Ye’ fan so I’m biased; but this is the realest thing he’s ever said. If you’ve got a dream why not give it a go? Yes, it will take work. Yes, it will take time before you start seeing the fruits of your labor. Yes, some people might not like it – but you’ll never know until you…TRY.

One thing I’ve learnt this week is that I can’t afford to have fear in my life. I’m going to give this dream a go with everything I have. I’d rather fail in some areas and get back up than sit around and leave what’s in my hands to die.

What’s in your hands? What’s stopping you from living the dreams God has given you? Don’t let fear be one of those things.


*DISCLAIMER: I’d link the interview but there’s an immense amount of profanity.

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